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The group's present and future rest on solid, shared foundations.


1958 was the year the firm started work in the LPG gas sector. Evolutions in LPG distribution systems with the affirmation of a gas culture for heating saw the advent of the first small tanks called petit-vrac alongside traditional gas cylinders.

In 1969 Autogas was the first Italian firm to embark on a new sector which was to turn out to be a decisive one for market development. From 13,000 tons in the 1960s AGN ENERGIA reached its current total of 200,000 tons.

From 1980 progressive development via retail networks, by means of partial or total corporate acquisitions, combinations and holdings, the market culture prompted the firm to diversify and develop trading sectors, taxation free usage, motor propulsion and special products.

From 2006 the group diversified into the alternative and renewable energy sectors. Electricity and gas, LNG and Energy saving solutions.

In 2019, following the acquisition of Lampogas, the brand AGN ENERGIA was established

Today AGN ENERGIA is a leading company in all braches of the LPG sector: domestic, industry, agricolture, automotive. The offer in the energy sector in completed by the brands AGNLuce (electricity), AGNGas (natural gas), AGNE² (energy efficiency), AGNSolar (photovoltaic), AGNe-DRIVE (electric vehicles). 

AGN ENERGIA is also involved in the distribution of LPG to the end user the automotive and industrial sectors. 


    Having been an LPG gas sector leader for over 60 years, AGN ENERGIA has consolidated its image as a serious, robust firm with an innately modern market culture.

    AGN ENERGIA is, above all, Tradition and Innovation, two concepts which naturally meld together in the firm’s philosophy and are behind its growth strategy, making it today an innovative and sustainable multi-utility company. 



    AGN ENERGIA’s corporate name and reputation have always been bound up with events, occasions and demonstrations of marked social, environmental, cultural and sporting commitment.

    We promote initiatives developed in line with our philosophy and mission, working with energy in its widest sense with objectives encompassing sustainable development, growth and evolution.

    We believe in our energy and the energy which comes from people, from the initiatives and enthusiasm of those who believe, with the group, in the cultural, social and sporting context as sources of development, growth and evolution.

    The group supports

    FAI - Fondo Ambiente ItalianoIl Porto dei PiccoliAssociazione Italiana Sclerosi Multipla

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